Tele-Pods: The Innovative Answer to Privacy in our communities

Photo of Tele-pod

Outside Image of the Tele-Pod                                                                                    

Privacy and confidentiality are hard to come by without boundaries. Everyone wants a space where they can feel comfortable and keep conversations that need to be private, private. The NyE Communities Coalition (NyECC) has found the answer to provide that privacy to community members needing a quiet place to conduct their day-to-day business. 

The answer is an eye-catching white building called a Tele-Pod, and there are two of them situated on the property of NyE Communities Coalition at 1020 E. Wilson Road, in Pahrump, Nevada. 

The Tele-Pods were purchased from Your Shed Guy, LLC, and in many ways, are a unique home away from home that offer space to conduct business in a safe, secure, comfortable, and private environment.  Their primary function was to facilitate Telehealth meetings, but if Pahrump residents need to contact the Social Security Administration, the IRS, or their financial institution, Tele-Pods provide that ideal private space. 

Photo of the inside of the tele-pod

Inside image of Tele-Pod

Inside of each of the Tele-Pods, there is a desk, keyboard, computer, chairs, a/c, writing tablet, extra desk with two chairs, decorated rug, and cabinet, all available to assist with conducting and taking care of important business in privacy, bringing a sense of wellness and assurance.  

Tele-Pods can be used daily when the Coalition is open and can be reserved for an hour or for an afternoon. Staff members who work remotely see them as an opportunity for needed office space when working on campus. In addition, NyE Communities Coalition Health Workers set clients up in them to complete private work or participate in online activities if they struggle with personal access to technology and internet. 

Since Rural Partners Network (RPN) launched the partnership with the Southern Nevada Community Network, community partners like NyE Communities Coalition have been working to identify several other innovative projects including workforce development, childcare, and healthcare. The Coalition Tele-Pods are just one example of the kind of community-driven innovation RPN seeks to support across rural Nevada.

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