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  • Pastor Benjie

    RPN Partners with Community to Lead Resiliency Efforts in Guanica, Puerto Rico

    By January 2020, Guánica, Puerto Rico, suffered the ravage of several earthquakes that caused economic and housing instability and marked the lives of residents. For Pastor Benjamín Toro (Pastor Benjie), it was the beginning of a new stage in his life as he stepped into a role as the pastor for the Bet-El Council of Puerto Rico.

    Immediately following the catastrophes, Pastor Benjie made himself available not only to his parishioners, but also to the entire community. Together with the Samaritan Purse organization, he has been able to repair more than 20 houses and has inspired the community to come together to renovate the church.

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  • Staff pose for meat butcher training

    Rural Partners Network Works with Local Partners to Establish Meat Processing Certification Program

    In New Mexico, the Doña Ana Community Network kicked off their work with the Rural Partners Network by hosting a community meeting in December 2022 to discuss investment and technical assistance opportunities. One need that quickly emerged was a meat butcher training. Stampede Meat Inc., a local protein company in New Mexico, had a training curriculum set up in the Chicago area for their employees but wanted to expand on that effort.

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  • RPN Staff at the North Carolina RPN Forum

    Rural Partners Network Forum Convenes in North Carolina

    In Wilson, North Carolina, changemakers and rural leaders from all corners of federal, state, and local government met on Wednesday, August 23 for the first-ever convening of the North Carolina Rural Partners Network Forum. The event brought more than 200 attendees to the Wilson Agriculture Building where a shared commitment and enthusiasm to improve the lives of the rural people in North Carolina simmered.

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  • The City of Angoon, the Angoon Community Association, and the village corporation Kootznoowoo Inc. hosted leaders from USDA’s Rural Partners Network, Office of Tribal Relations, and 12 state directors in southeast Alaska, June 27, to share some of the opportunities and challenges of supporting projects in villages that are not on the road system.

    Making an impact in Angoon, Alaska with RPN

    Rural Partners Network was launched in April 2022 to change the way the federal government works with and listens to rural people. 

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