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    Introducing the Fulton County and South Fulton, Tennessee Community Network

    Community Networks are a collaboration among local leaders to address specific needs of a community. In this blog post, get to know the Fulton County Community Network, the only multi-state RPN Community Network. Fulton County is in the mid-south and known for its southern sweet tea culture. Visitors always say, “Man, you guys are just so friendly.” The people here have a strong sense of community and value the quality of life which boasts an abundance of scenic beauty, outdoor activities, good public education, and a low crime rate and cost of living.  

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    Finding What Works for Rural Schools: Lessons from the National Center for Rural Education Research Networks (NCRERN)

    In the wake of the pandemic, students need help, both academically and emotionally, to recover from the disruption and to be set up for success in the future. While the need for support is clear, what to do is not always so obvious. Federal education policy often directs schools to use evidence-based practices to support student success. The dilemma for rural schools is that most education research is conducted in urban and suburban districts, which may not translate to rural contexts.

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    VA to host town halls for Veterans, families during ‘PACT Act Week of Action’

    If you were exposed to toxic substances while serving in the military, a new law called the PACT Act may make you eligible for VA benefits and health care. The PACT Act will benefit millions of Veterans of the Vietnam War, Gulf War and post-9/11 eras who were exposed to toxic fumes, burn pits, Agent Orange, radiation and other environmental hazards. Survivors of toxic-exposed-Veterans—and Veterans who served in specific countries in Africa, the Middle East and Southwest Asia—are also potentially eligible.