Data from Georgia’s Rural Center, powered by Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, shows that 26 percent of Georgians live outside the state’s urban centers and 120 of the state’s 159 counties are considered rural. Georgia’s most profitable industry is agriculture, generating $74 billion a year and supporting one in every seven Georgia jobs.

USDA Rural Development invests nearly $1.5 billion in rural Georgia annually with loans and grants for utility infrastructure, community facilities, housing, and businesses, but so much more can be accomplished!

The Rural Partners Network is led by USDA as an all-of-government program that will help rural communities access additional resources and funding to create jobs, build infrastructure and support long-term economic stability on their own terms. RPN is working with the Community Networks in Georgia to access resources and funding from additional federal, state, philanthropic and non-government organizations to help address the specific needs of these communities.

Community Networks in Georgia

Community networks in Georgia

Rural Partners Network Contacts for Georgia