Southwest Georgia Regional Commission


The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission (SWGARC) Community Network consists of 14 counties and 43 cities. The approximate population is 348,000 and the area covers 8,000 square miles.

The Community Network includes the same territory served by the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission, which assists local jurisdictions by responding to their needs and helping them meet their goals. The Regional Commission’s work aligns with the Rural Partners Network in that it is advisory in nature. They provide recommendations and assistance of various types, which can be accepted or rejected by the communities they serve.

Local leaders throughout the SWGRC Community Network are committed to community-driven solutions, and they are seeking to bring more state and federal resources to bear on projects that will improve the critical infrastructure that is needed to succeed and to attract more opportunity for all residents in Southwest Georgia.

The region is home to world-class hunting and includes major businesses fueling economic development in the region. The region is a top producer of cotton, pecans, and timber, and includes the City of Blakely, the self-proclaimed which lays claim to being the Peanut Capital of the World. 


  • Affordable Housing

    • Single-family housing for low- and median-income households
    • Multi-family housing
    • Low- and very-low-income housing assistance
    • Repairs for elderly and disabled homeowners
    • Energy efficient improvements
  • Infrastructure

    • Industrial park development
    • Airport runway expansion
    • Water and wastewater system improvements
    • Retention pond improvements
    • Commercial park development
    • Downtown development
  • Economic Diversification

    • Recreation economies for rural communities
    • Agricultural economic investment
    • Manufacturing investment
    • Industrial park developments
  • Rural Healthcare

    • Telemedicine access
    • Specialty care in rural communities
    • Hospital expansion and improvement
  • Workforce Development

    • Support for local businesses
    • Training programs for displaced and incarcerated workers
    • Vocational rehabilitation
    • STEM development for schools

Rural Partners Network Contacts for Southwest Georgia Regional Commission

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Southwest Georgia Regional Commission
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