Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico’s diverse rurality extends from the coasts to the mountains. Residents living in Rural Partners Network communities have strong historical roots, are connected to the land and culture, and have a great sense of pride in living in rural Puerto Rico.

Recently, Puerto Rico has endured hurricanes, earthquakes, a pandemic, and economic hardships that impacted rural areas the most. Challenges ahead for the RPN Community Networks range from rebuilding deteriorated infrastructure, improving housing conditions, and providing services to an increasing senior population. At the same time, local governments and community-based organizations seek options and collaborations to ease the financial burdens that come with these improvements.

The people of Puerto Rico have demonstrated they are resilient and committed to improving their communities through hard work. The Rural Partner Network, as an all-of-government program, will help rural Puerto Ricans access resources and funding to create jobs, build infrastructure and support long-term economic stability on their own terms.

Community Networks in Puerto Rico

Community networks in Puerto Rico

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