Northwestern Wisconsin


The Northwest Community Network, located in Western Wisconsin, is made up of seven counties, known for inviting small communities with beautiful scenery that highlights the water, woods, and local landscapes. Most of the network is an agricultural powerhouse, with farmland and agricultural outputs making up a large portion of the economic landscape. The network is also home to many manufacturing facilities and businesses of all sizes and types.

Western Wisconsin is a nature lover’s paradise, with ample opportunities for camping, hunting and fishing, hiking, biking, boating, and birding. Additionally, The region is also home to multiple historic sites and art and music events. Adventurous food lovers can find enjoyment winding through the region to visit restaurants and microbreweries that highlight local ingredients, frequent farmers markets during the growing season, and a peak into farming with many on-farm and agritourism opportunities.

Like many rural communities across America, Western Wisconsin has struggled in recent years with declining populations and an increased need for infrastructure upgrades, housing solutions to meet the needs of residents and visitors alike and continuing to focus on economic development to ensure success of the region long term.

The Northwest Community Network is newly formed but has been working to highlight the existing assets within the region, while continuing to promote opportunities and partnerships that benefit current residents and businesses and attract new people and organizations to the area.


  • Key Priority Areas

    • Safe and affordable housing, childcare, workforce development  
    • Economic development, rural placemaking and recreational trails  
    • Transportation 
    • Access to broadband (last mile infrastructure)  
    • Upgrading of major infrastructure such as water and sewage facilities
    • Water quality and access to clean water  
    • Electrification (EV infrastructure)  


Rural Partners Network Contacts for Northwestern Wisconsin

  • photo of Sarah Sippl

    Sarah Sippl

    Community Liaison
  • Photo of Nathan Sandwick

    Nathan Sandwick

    Supervisory Community Liaison

Host Entity

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Kathryn Schauf