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Adams County is centrally located in Wisconsin. Several lakes and waterways are scattered throughout the county. Camelot, Sherwood, and Arrowhead lakes are located in the Lake District of the northern region. The Wisconsin River borders the western edge of the county. It flows into Lake Petenwell at the northern end and connects with Castle Rock Lake at the southern end of the county. The northern portion of Wisconsin Dells is also located in the southern portion of Adams County. Within the county, Roche-A-Cri and Buckhorn State Parks attract visitors from all over the region. In all, there are over 20 named rock formations cut from the last glacial period that moved through the state. The year-round population of 20,200 increases to about 35,000 with seasonal visitors in warmer months.  

Although the area offers an abundance of natural resources for agricultural and recreational economies, the county is seeing fewer young professionals and families moving to or continuing to stay in Adams County. This is due in part to the lack of housing that appeals to that demographic. There is a shortage of housing for all age groups and family sizes. Although there is no easy solution to this issue, county stakeholders have made it a priority to evaluate the current real estate landscape and create a path that will provide small-scale solutions to fill housing gaps and help attract a younger population.


  • Housing

    • Affordable options for middle income families
    • Housing needed to retain workforce
    • Repair and rehab for aged housing stock
    • Zoning and policy flexibility
  • Workforce Expansion

    • Training programs and partnership with technical college
    • Awareness opportunities for youth (high school)
    • Community amenities that attract new employees
  • Downtown Revitalization

    • Community Connection
    • Youth Involvement
  • High-Speed Internet

    • Expansion of service
    • Affordability
  • Railroad

    • Access and Safety
    • Added rail transport options
  • Transportation

    • Affordability
    • Access and expansion of services
  • Childcare

    • Expand access
    • Impact on local workforce
    • Employer sponsored options
    • Affordability

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