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    RPN’s Collaboration in Dona Ana County with Borderland Family Ties

    In Southern New Mexico the Doña Ana Community Network Rural Partners Network (RPN) collaborated with Borderland Family Ties Organization to host its first virtual Watch Party to view the 2023 Rural LISC seminar in Coachella, California held on December 11, 2023. 

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    Puerto Rico’s RPN commitment to the Central Mountain Region

    Puerto Rico is a recipient of Rural LISCs’ technical assistance support that RPN is funding through a cooperative agreement. Therefore, when Rural LISC held their 2023 Annual Seminar and dedicated a day to RPN communities, the three community networks of Puerto Rico were included as part of the coordination of the virtual watch parties. 

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    Tele-Pods: The Innovative Answer to Privacy in our communities

    Privacy and confidentiality are hard to come by without boundaries. Everyone wants a space where they can feel comfortable and keep conversations that need to be private, private. The NyE Communities Coalition (NyECC) has found the answer to provide that privacy to community members needing a quiet place to conduct their day-to-day business.

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    West Virginias’ RPN Planning for the Future

    Planning is a much talked about topic in organizations and towns in West Virginia but historically the process has not been given the importance it deserves. Leaders in most rural West Virginia communities wear many hats and bare an immense share of responsibilities for keeping their towns running day to day. These small-town staffs work hard but also understand their communities need more. Town leaders are too often immersed in day-to-day routines without having the opportunity to look toward the future.  Many changes occur as a last resort due to debilitation or changes in leadership, but this does not give the communities an opportunity to plan the intricate details or renderings of a project.  Additionally, it allows little time to source funding opportunities and define necessary funding goals.

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    From the RPN Southwest Network in Puerto Rico: the Rural LISC Watch Party Experience

    On December 11, 2023, the 2023 Rural LISC Annual Seminar was held in Coachella Valley, California. During the event, the participants shared challenges, opportunities, and best practices for developing strategies for rural communities. As part of this event, 3 regions of the Rural Partners Network in Puerto Rico hosted the first Rural LISC virtual watch parties in Puerto Rico.   For the Southwest Region, the Esperanza Community in Guánica (in conjunction with the leaders of the Siberia and Arenas communities) served as hosts for the event.  In collaboration with the residents of the three communities, the Municipality of Guánica, and the One Stop Career Organization, it was a great networking opportunity for the communities.

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