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Building a Community of Rural Communities

Building a Community of Rural Communities

By Xochitl Torres Small, Under Secretary for Rural Development, USDA

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Rural Connections blog. 

The strength of rural is in its people. This publication is one way RPN is working to recognize that strength and build a community of rural communities. RPN plans to share with you the many innovations and ideas advanced by people like you across the country. 

We will also share with you the journey of the Community Networks that are partnering with RPN to receive direct technical assistance and capacity building support.

The Community Networks and RPN will provide you real-life examples of strategies we’ve tested, lessons we’ve learned, and innovations that are helping rural people like you turn a vision for their community into a reality. 

We believe that information is power only if you can take action with it. That’s why the 20 federal departments and commissions who make up the Rural Partners Network are collaborating to improve how we deliver programs and services; identifying and addressing the unique barriers to rural community and economic development; and informing program leaders and policy makers about investment priorities for rural America.

For more information like this, please subscribe to this newsletter, follow us on Twitter @RURALgov, and visit the website which we continue to build up to become a one-stop shop for funding, information, and tools to help rural people thrive.